Expert Manufacturing Partner

Strong product development support

Look forward and build

Avanti Laboratories is a complete dietary supplement manufacturing, business development, and branding support company fully-dedicated to the success of its select few customers/partners.


Brings exceptional market intelligence, quality and a dedication to leading the industry forward with innovation, efficiency, and an honest and pure commitment to its customers and their businesses.

We are located in South Florida in a meticulously designed facility that includes a complete in-house analytical laboratory capable of ensuring strict quality and protecting our customers.


Currently produces a full range of nutritional supplement products on all-new equipment under the hands-on management of a team of key industry veterans with over 100 years of experience.

Successfully growing businesses in our industry and ensuring strong quality and FDA compliance throughout. Our highly efficient manufacturing operation and facility design deliver lower waste, higher output, improved reliability, and less mistakes. We are dedicated to providing our customers absolute support for their supply chain, product development, and overall business development.


Our executive team is made up of experts in manufacturing, business development, quality and FDA compliance, brand development, sales, and marketing.

The team at Avanti has proven expertise in recognizing market opportunities and developing strategic plans to capitalize on those opportunities. With over 100 years of industry-specific experience in all segments of the nutritional industry, Avanti is well positioned to support its customers as they execute on their growth plans.

Avanti builds partnerships with its customers so you can focus on growing your business, pure and simple.

Our team values hard work, honesty, professionalism, and a pride in striving for perfection.

Pure focus on quality, reliability, on-time delivery

The team of experts and veterans at Avanti provides a well-rounded support system for its customers. With over 100 years of experience in every key area of our industry, our executive team will provide highly-credible, reliable, and honest support for your business. While Avanti’s undeniable focus is in providing superior quality and reliability in manufacturing services, our team has extensive experience in the following areas:

• Business Development
• Brand Development
• Sales Infrastructure
• FDA Compliance and Regulatory Guidance
• Product Development
• Competitive Analysis
• Supply Chain Design

Avanti believes in taking the time to truly understand the vision of our customers. Understanding our customers’ needs, areas of strength, and areas in need of support allows us to build a support structure that helps us maximize results. The philosophy is simple: Avanti strives to allow our customers to focus on growing their businesses, looking forward, not backwards. That’s our compromise and our commitment.

Our team values hard work, honesty, professionalism, and a pride in striving for perfection.

Highly Efficient. Reduced Waste. Strict Quality Adherence.

Manufacturing Capabilities


Avanti’s facilities occupy 200,000 square feet of space in Miami, Florida. Our sophisticated manufacturing and analytical laboratories are designed for highly efficient manufacturing operation while realizing reduced waste and strict quality adherence. Maticulously designed to optimize flow of materials and people, and filled with exactly the right machinery, Avanti’s facilities are impressively unique.


Currently Avanti manufactures Tablets, Capsules, Powders and of provides turn-key solutions for softgels. In addition, Avanti can provide numerous finished goods packaging options. All of these products are strictly cGMP manufactured and quality controlled and assured by Avanti’s state-of-the-art analytical lab, the Avanti Science and Technology Center.

Pushing Our Industry Forward

Analytical Laboratories • Expert Manufacturing and Product Development Partner.

The Avanti Science and Technology Center is the heart of our operation. Housing Avanti’s complete analytical laboratory, its quality team, and its quality advancement programs, the Center provides Avanti’s customers peace of mind and a clear competitive advantage over their competitors.

The Center’s equipment capabilities includes:

• Atomic Absorption
• Microbiology

Avanti’s commitment to our industry and our customers starts with focusing on improving overall quality, consumer confidence, and an endless drive to push our industry forward, while protecting our customers and their consumers.